Sally and Svetlana share their work:

Drawing across creases, sealing into an envelope, taken apart, a walk, a painting in between the spaces of the creases, writing textures, envelope, transparency, disparate things start to have a dialogue, digital, non-digital. 

Memories and the goddess of memory:  Mnemosyne
Paper as packaging from Amazon, meters of it, become artwork.   
Some of it becomes pressed in the printing press.
Care, giving, distance, egg tempera, wax. 

Later, Ean and Ceyda share what they’ve been working on. 
Ean: Medicinal Herbs: hand crafted in alcohol, tinctures. Turned into paint. To be on silk. 

Ceyda: floor plans of homes, to become weavings, made from thread dyed elsewhere. 

Sarah reads Pablo Neruda, and starts with… “I looked through the hole, and saw a landscape like that behind our house…” 

After the story, she mentions the film about him from 1994 –Il Postino, The Postman– Neruda encourages the postman to write his own stories and letters. 

The mention of letters make us smile, associating them with envelopes.

Ceyda Oskay
Sylwia Dylewska
Sylwia Dylewska
Pragya Bhargava
Svetlana Atlavina
Sarah Praill
Sally Stenton