On this day forty-two years ago, I said hello to the world for the very first time. I am waving in my first photograph, as I continue to wave throughout my life. “Hello, I am here, who are you, can we be friends”? Always a deep sense of friendship in the kindred spirits we find ourselves surrounded by. And as artists there is always the potential for more, more of our true humanity to shine through and more of the light that we bring to the world to become strengthened by connection. We need this connection so much, its like the most precious water feeding every cell in our bodies & nourishing our minds. We need this connection so much, that we travel the world if only for an hour, to see other hearts just as ourselves. Women who we do not know, but somehow have always known in the deeper spaces of consciousness. What could it be? Can we define everything that we feel?  What will unfold next before us? The unknown humbles us in more ways than one.  Curiosity sparks our imagination in a powerful way; to discover the connection, we must surrender.  Curiosity leads us down a blind path, until we can quiet our mind and feel what is all around us… “hello, I am here, who are you, can we be friends”?  The gift of friendship although we anticipate its meaning, is lost on the tongues of many, yet still has a profound affect on our humanity and the way that we perceive the world. 
Ean Nicole
Sally Stenon
Pragya Bhargava
Svetlana Atlavina
Sally Stenton