The morning starts as Sarah guides us:
Salt, tea, rosemary, holy basil/tulsi/gateway, diwali, religions. 

We draw to sounds and smell and textures. 

We go around the clock, recording it for another time zone slice.
Waking Ean up, with the smell and texture and sound. 

“My night is now your day, your day, my night,” was that a W.H. Auden poem?
So apt for our sessions, where we try to find a time that suits all. 

Scratches, smooth paintings, impressions, the medium itself, the spice the herb- as it’s own paint> representing itself: becoming itself.

We are transported, and yet very present.

Ceyda Oskay
Walk No. 33, Sally Stenton
Pragya Bhargava
Sylwia Dylewska
Sketching with Nature, Ean Nicole Konopnicki
Svetlana Atlavina
Sarah Praill