Over the past week, I have been watching in on the residency and compiling the online blogs. The discussions, presentations and blog posts have opened my eyes to the diverse possibilities of art practice. 
I have always been interested in my mother’s (Svetlana Atlavina’s) artwork, but recently I have begun to comprehend the significant role the practice plays in her life and wellbeing. Although I am not an active participant of the residency, A Glass Envelope has offered me inspiration for my own creative journey.
Following on from Sarah’s meditative drawing exercise, I brought out my paints and painted our zoom call with my eyes shut (only peaking to check I wasn’t dabbing the paintbrush onto the table). It was liberating to let go of the image and fully connect with the experience of painting.
'To function creatively the artist must have the courage to fight for what they believe.' - Paul Rand, A Designer's Art, p.237.
Alex Abadjieva
Wind, Sylwia Dylewska
Sally Stenton
Alex Abadjieva
Sylwia Dylewska
Svetlana Atlavina
Sarah Praill