Day 2 of the International Online Artist Residency has been in development for a few hours yet. 
The task is set on the visualisation of our ideas for a balanced life between daily jobs, juggling families, dwellings, creative collaboratives, and art practices. 
The great French poet Paul Valery observed artworks and processes behind the scenes. 
'Works of the mind exist only in action. Beyond this action what remains is only an object that has no particular relation to the mind. Transport the statue you admire among people sufficiently different from your own, and it becomes an insignificant stone." 
In other words, we shall be connected to each other, to peer support, and encourage creative discussions. 
In the beginning, to find the existential base of my art practice was painful. It was a time when I started rethinking approaches, to realise a value of openness, to push myself one inch forward each day. 
When I found the above quote by Paul Valery a veil fell from my understanding of the final outcome and the art processes. Now, I have a purpose to live in a remote existence of pandemic times.
My art practice exists as a hidden veil knitted and embroidered with connections between colleagues, friends, family, ideas, fears, art process, artworks, and viewers. Gentleness in passing messages through the Glass Envelope changing the attitude to artworks and viewers. I just love being with you all. 
Svetlana Atlavina

Paul Valery, The Creative Process.
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